My Wish List of Literary Goodness

Well gosh! All my school work has got right in the way of my blogging. Sigh….

So, to recommence my blogging:

Okay, so Christmas is coming up which means I will receive what I like to call “book money”. Before getting a paid job (I volunteered at a charity shop for a while, which also had the perk of first pickings on the 50p paperbacks!) I was reluctant to spend much money on books. It isn’t that I thought they weren’t worth it…but they can be rather pricey! However, with a paid job, and the post 18th birthday substitution of presents for money, I now feel like £7-£10 isn’t that bad for something which will probably momentarily change my life.

That may seem hyperbolic, it may not. I think we all know book lovers can get a bit weird about their relationship with words on pieces of paper bound in a delicious parcel of glory; once opened, you hope it will never close…evidently, I am no exception.

Anyway, wish list!

– One Day by David Nichols
I know it’s an oldie (ish!) but I just adored Starter For Ten. The film of One Day, unlike that of Starter For Ten, I thought was fantastic. I have been informed by somebody who has read One Day that the character of Emma was wrongly depicted but, as I was completely ignorant to that fact, I just loved it. However, Anne Hathaway’s struggle to maintain a northern English accent, as a northerner myself, did strike me as somewhat hilarious but she tried, she really did.

-The House on Carnaval Street by Deborah Rodriguez
Well, as is evident in my first post (which nobody has viewed so go read it!) I absolutely adore Rodriguez. Her writing style is just lovely and, due to her experiences of the themes she includes, they have a beautifully personal touch. I can say no more. I’m just so excited to get this book.

-The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter
So, my lovely boyfriend bought this book for me. Therefore, my actual wish is for some time to read it! I love Carter and to see more of her work would just be wonderful but, as outlined in the beginning of this post, Sixth Form is just taking over my life. Being a literature student is obviously wonderful, but it is tainted by the fact I am restricted to the texts I am studying. Any other reading makes you feel so utterly guilty, as though you’ve wasted time reading. It is very sad.

I do hope my wishes come true this Christmas, and I hope yours do too!

Happy reading,

Carenza x


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