Starter for Ten – David Nichols

So I read this book a while ago but I really loved it!

Nichols’ writing is very observed, his minute details even go as far as romanticising the  “crescent shaped” sweat marks staining a catsuit. With many, many allusions to 80s music and canonical Literature, this book really appealed to my retro side.

Brian Jackson, a half-orphaned enthusiast if trivial knowledge, is in his first year of Uni and ever so lost. He is determined to get onto the University Challenge team, as fondly watching the show with his late father was one of the things they shared together. So, this kid is ambitious, he’s overcome hardship in his life and is determined to escape his less-than-ideal home situation – which he almost succeeds in doing.

However, on the brink of greatness he begins to fall in love and into disaster. I shan’t spoil it for you but DAMN does he mess things up…or maybe it’s for the better?

I loved this book from the first chapter, and I’m sure plenty of you will do too. However, if you’ve seen the film and NOT read the book, READING THE BOOK! The film is just bloody awful. I love films, I really do, but that was a dreadful interpretation and execution of a fantastic novel.

It’s just wonderful, and funny, and beautiful and I just…just…ugh…love it!

Happy reading,

Carenza x