Long Time, No Post

Not that I expect that many people missed me as such, but I must apologise for my lack of posts over the past few months. My only answer as to why is: A Levels. Sadly, education has prevented me from writing any posts as this year, my final year, is of utmost importance as I embark upon the ever wobbly road towards University. However, I am delighted to announce that that path is getting smoother by the day!

Friday the 13th was pretty damn lucky for me, I must say. There I am, just checking my emails on the loo as you do, and there it is! “Something has changed on your UCAS application”. Good job I was on the toilet or I would have wet myself with joy…the thing is, they never say what it is that’s changed. So, I rush upstairs to a computer and try to log on as quick as I can. As you can imagine, the computer takes a day and a heart attack to actually load which makes me a tad hysterical to say the least. So, anyway, with my wonderfully supportive (and thankfully cool-headed) boyfriend by my side, I saw it: a BBB offer from the University of Edinburgh for Scandinavian Studies and English Literature! What followed was a series of squeals and gesticulations typical of a madwoman. Three B’s is hard but doable. I practically cried for joy.

Monday 2nd; less iconic but by no means less incredible. My school has these regular assessments called SPMs for which I answered a question on The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter last week. Today, fearing the worst, I got 35/40 which was estimated to be an A grade answer. I was bloody ecstatic! Not only is that a good grade but, thanks to applying for such a strange course, it is above the grades required for Uni! If I keep this up, and improve, Uni is looking more and more possible which is a lot more than I would have expected after receiving my AS results last year. So, I guess what I’m really trying to say is WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!

Anyway, as I have said, this is a pretty quintessential year in my life so blogging is going to be at the very bottom of my list…unless I have a breakdown and feel as though I want to share it with the world in an Eat-Pray-Love kind of catharsis. However, in the summer jollies I will most likely be spending time doing all the things I wish I had time to do during the term time not-so-jollies. One of those things is reading, another is blogging…another one is sewing/knitting so I may even blog about that too!

Until then, happy reading!

Carenza x


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