The ABC Murders – Agatha Christie

If anybody read my previous Christie review of And The There Were None, then you know that this one will also be absolutely glowing!

As expected, The ABC Murders was not only gripping but intensely clever. Christie’s mind was a cave full to the brim with dastardly plots, I tell you. I think what I’ve found, though, is that she didn’t come up with many ways of killing people…just how to hide that you did it at all! Which, to be honest, is much more entertaining than some kind of extravagant method of murder – in my opinion anyway. So, this mysterious “ABC” has written a letter to the famous H. Poirot to inform him of a murder which is about to take place in Andover on a specific date. At first it is written off as a silly prank but then, on the selected date in the selected place, a Mrs. Alice A- (I would check the name but I lent the book to a friend) is murdered in her own shop! Suddenly, the letter doesn’t seem so silly. The only issue then is that they have no way of knowing where the next strike will be…Bath, Buxton, Belfast, Brighton…nobody knows but Mr. ABC himself. They will only know where to look once the next letter arrives.

As ever, this book is wonderfully written. Some of the more old-fashioned turns of phrase throw me a bit and I have to read them like two or three times but that’s okay, it’s not exactly a problem. It’s just a little difficult when all the words are basically backwards in comparison to how they would be written nowadays. It’s very Latin! Like, sometimes the adjective will come after the noun, and not just when Poirot is speaking! That would make much more sense.

If you like crime novels then Christie, the Queen of Crime, is the lady for you. Next on my reading list (whilst I’m on holiday in France) are The Orient Express, The Mystery of the Blue Train and, if I’m a really speedy book-worm, The Clocks. 

I may have to join an AAA meeting for Agatha Addicts Anonymous or something…it’s a true addiction, I just can’t get enough of them! As you’re reading this I’m probably in a French swimming pool or cafe where I will be reading more than my brain can take. Then, I’ll come home and get my A Level results and I’ll probably cry and get hammered and lose all possible reading ability…so, I better get reading while I still can and so should you! Oh, and prepare for lots of photies of France.

Happy reading and happy holidays, wherever you may be,

Carenza x


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