Humans – ITV

It was introduced to us via strange, creepy ads and has now reached its climax, its finale, with the promise of another series.

This new series is, to be honest, almost too like I, Robot but it does have its differences. It’s a Sci-Fi drama with hints of distopia as we venture into a world full of robot servants. However, some of these robots – “Synths” as they’re known – were created to feel emotions and pain the same way we do, which is where the problems all lie.

The main family is the Hawkins family, the mother and father of which are the favourite, yet controversial, lovers from Mr Selfridge: Amanda Abbington (who plays Miss Mardle) and Tom Goodman-Hill (Mr Grove). Once again, they work beautifully together and I thought it was genius bringing them together agian in a totally warped version of a period drama…with the “period” being in the future and all that.

The Hawkins family, despite Laura’s (the mum’s) objections, opt for one of these Synths and decide to call her Anita. Anita does as she says, makes breakfast, makes the parents somewhat redundant and unintentionally rubs in the daughter’s face that she has no career prospects etc. etc. but there’s something odd about Anita…she doesn’t behave like other Synths, nor does she “share” with other Synths and they can’t figure out why. As a viewer, you alreay know that Anita/Mia was ripped away from the family of sentient Synths and was resold with Mia essentially trapped inside Anita.

I’ll be honest, the first episode didn’t really thrill me, I wasn’t imediately hooked. I thought it was all a bit “yeah, we’ve done this before – robots have feelings and dreams and secrets and they’re going to take over the world blah blah blah” but I was wrong! Not totally wrong, I must admit, as it is a bit I, Robot-esque but that’s no reason to avoid it because it does eventually stray from that predictable path. There are actaully some real twists – both human and robotic. I actually can’t wait for the new series now.

Also, it has to be said, there’s quite a few well-known actors in it! I’ve already mentioned Amanda Abbington and Tom Goodman-Hill but there’s also the man who played Merlin. He doesn’t have the odd little neck scarf thing but he does have the same odd way of speaking. There are some more people that my mum recognised but I’m afraid I don’t know them at all. I honestly think this show would be good for most ages, unless they’re very young because there is some violence and brothel work amongst the PG content. There’s some light swearing but not in your face at all.

If you’ve seen it, please let me know what you think!

Happy watching,

Carenza x


2 thoughts on “Humans – ITV

  1. I thought it was a great TV series, albeit the story and acting was a bit soft in places. The viewer ratings in th millions showed society’s interest in the social issues of humans and AI peripheral devices like synths/robots. PErsoanlly, I’d like to see more programmes and more social debate ahead of the changes.

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    1. Well, I think it is a great fear amongst some people that AI will be able to take over. But more importantly, I think some people (including me) would be most distraught if somebody found a way to reduce everything about humans and their personality, how they learn etc. in to a few pages of programming. I think that part of the series is most interesting, and also that, like us, they just want to be accepted.

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