Uni Life: The things you really miss, and those you learn to hate

Although this might seem rather heartless, I’ve never been one of those people to get get “homesick” and I didn’t think that would change even at University. I just tend to keep myself really busy and almost forget that I’m missing home. I’d be lying if I said I’m totally fine but I’m not as bad as I perhaps should be. However, although I have no particular attatchment to my home town or even my house I do, of course miss my family…and my cat. I absolutely miss my cat. So, I just thought I would make a list of things that I do miss, even the little things.

Things I miss the most:

  • My cat running towards me when I open a packet of tablets or go into the kitchen. Seriously, I still expect her to be there under my feet;
  • Not having the basic ingredients that have lived in the cupboard since I was like five (not the exact same packet but you get me);
  • TV: as a massive fiction fiend I desperately miss finding new films and/or shows to watch, record and play back over and over. Of course, there’s iPlayer and Netflix but it just ain’t the same;
  • The dishwasher;
  • Fridge space;
  • Freezer space;
  • Film nights with my mum;
  • Coffee trips with my dad;
  • Dad’s radom urges to go to White Rose or Meadowhall (shopping centres);
  • Not having to pay for my clothes washing;
  • The constant sarcasm from my brother;
  • My brother shouting into the Xbox at 3am;
  • My nerd cave full of books, DVDs and crafting gear;
  • Having a livingroom…or just somewhere to be other than my bedroom;
  • My family;
  • My neighbours;
  • My local bkery and its incredible blueberry muffins and egg sandwiches.

Yes there’s a lot, and maybe they’re not what you expected. However, there are also things I have learned to really hate or things that I’m just fed up with.

Things I have learned to hate:

  • Washing up. Well, to be specific, washing cutlery;
  • Deciding what to eat;
  • Absolutley any wastage of food;
  • Having to eat an entire lettuce to myself before it goes brown;
  • Opening my curtains and seeing a herse roll up the drive…or worse, a body van (I live next to a morgue now! Woo!);
  • Not having a toaster;
  • Buying my expensive lactose-free cheese;
  • Not being able to talk to my family or my boyfriend as often as I would normally;
  • Missing out on seeing extended family;
  • Having to carry a tonne of food home when I’m too small to let the bag just hand by my side…even when I’m in heels;
  • Having to pay for my own food;
  • Buying food that costs over £1 from Lidl (that one may seem weird but I’m not the only one);
  • Not knowing how to use a storage heater and melting each time I walk in the door;
  • Having only people of my own age arounf me (I don’t hate this but it’s becoming quite strange);
  • Having an irregular timetable;
  • The amount of homeless people in Edinburgh. 😦

Some things on these lists are specific to my own experience but there are others to which you could relate, I’m sure. I thought I would share this with you guys because I personally wasn’t sure what to expect. My new friends and I have all come to realise that University is most weird due to the living conditions: you end up spending as much time with people you have never met as you would do with your own family…if not, more because you spend the day together as well; not just after school and weekends. It’s really odd, but it’s growing on me.

Just rememeber, there’s no right way to do this Uni stuff. You are much more likely to miss the little things than the things you would expect to miss. There’s a learning curve which is different for everyone. Just enjoy it! That’s what I’m doing!!

As ever, happy reading,

Carenza x

Posts to expect in the (hopefully) near future:

Halloween in Edinburgh, Going Back Home for the First Time, Jane Eyre and Why I Waited So Long, York Christmas Market, Edinburgh Christmas, Christmas in Edinburgh and a few reviews along the way!


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