Read About Carenza

I’ve always adored reading and I have recently developed a passion for writing. What better to do than combine my two loves?

I wanted to start this blog as a way of sharing my experience of reading books with all those who would listen. I am forever telling people, “YOU MUST READ THIS!” Only so many times can you pester one person to take an interest in your own fancies.

Be it a current best-seller, a fading fad, or one hell of a classic, I will review here all that I have read and want to encourage everybody else to share that same reading experience, no matter the novel’s age or fashion status (or that of the reader’s!).

I welcome any comments you wish to contribute.

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Happy reading,

Carenza x


4 thoughts on “Read About Carenza

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much!! I have a review ready to publish tomorrow – A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood.
      That’s so nice to hear as I’ve only just started this blog! X


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